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Lifetime Membership



In honor of your lifelong love for Stillman, your alumni association offers a Lifetime Member Program.

When you join, you will receive a Lifetime Member Card—never-ending access to member benefits—along with a perpetual connection to the Stillman College family and the enduring thanks of your alumni association. 

So show your Tiger Pride by joining our Lifetime Membership Program.


Annual Membership



  • Individual:  $50.00                           

  • Couples/Married:  $90.00            

  • Associate/Non-Alumnus:  $30.00


Annual membership is open to all alumni & former students of Stillman College.  


Your dues will support alumni programming, the Birthright Alumni Center, The Historic Stillman House, and the National Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.


*First year graduates are exempt from

the fifty dollars ($50.00) or ninety dollars ($90.00) contribution, whichever is


Associate Membership/ Non-Alumnus Member



 Whether you spent one class at Stillman, or a few years... or you're a parent,  spouse of a current NAASC Member, or a friend of the College,  you're a part of the family!


Join the NAASC as an associate member and share in our efforts to move Stillman FORWARD! You are entitled to special discounted rates!

Become a Member!


NAASC offers a wide range of membership plans. Enjoy the flexibility of an annual membership, or save time and money over the long term with life membership. If you are a future alumn (currently enrolled at Stillman), parent, or spouse of a current NAASC Member, you are entitled to special discounted rates! Select your membership category below to learn more, or click here to join online.


Join today by paying your dues online! Click here to connect with a local chapter.


Membership Level

  • Individual:  $50.00                           

  • Couples/Married:  $90.00            

  • Associate/Non-Alumnus:  $30.00

  • Regular Life Member:   $600.00                            

  • Blue Life Member:       $1,100.00                          

  • Gold Life Member:      $1,600.00  



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