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Call to Action:


October 15, 2015


Greetings Stillmanites:


No sugar-coating here… It’s time to re-ignite TIGER NATION!

As Vice-President of the National Alumni Association of Stillman College (NAASC) Executive Board, I hereby declare an official launch of the Stillman College Millennial Alumni Council (MAC), a new branch of our organization specifically dedicated to young alumni (’90-present) and to taking the most innovative approaches to rebranding our image, rebuilding relationships between alumni and the College, and re-charging that ‘Ol Stillman Spirit!


It’s simple: we’re committed to promoting and strategically uplifting our beloved alma mater through an extended and niche-generational alumni association. So, WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Here’s how we get started:


  • Log on to to update your contact information and get the latest info

  • Find and join (or commit to developing) a local alumni chapter

  • Pledge your time, money, and recruitment service for dues pay; (Annual $35 for NAASC)

  • Sign up and volunteer for a committee or event (guidelines apply)

  • Meet us at Homecoming ’16 for our first national meeting!


What’s in it for you:


I know… you never received your refund on time, you got at least one ‘zero’ from Dr. Lockett, and the only reason you went to chapel was to be on time for chapel chicken.  You’re an alum, and if we don’t take care of the home that taught us so many life lessons and paired us with life-long friends, no one will. We have a unique opportunity to raise funds that will ultimately assist with maintaining Stillman’s accreditation status and help bring quality academic talent to the College.


This is our time! We’ve got the leadership, we’ve got the opportunity. With your commitment, we’ll restore the glory we all remember and fell in love with, far above the Warroir’s waters.


With Tiger Pride,


Gregory "Skeeter" Brown (’94), NAASC Executive Board

Ebony Webber, ('03), MAC

Demetrius Castleberry, ('95), MAC

Tennyson Thomas, ('99), MAC

Margreyette Boyd, ('08), MAC 

Anthony Heaven (‘11), MAC 

Kellen H. Leech, ('10), MAC 

Lionel D. Taylor, ('06), MAC 

Sophia L. Hardy, ('04), MAC

Steve Onukwuli, ('03), MAC

Kenyatta Hobson, Ph.D, ('96), MAC

Sherice Nelson, Ph.D, ('07), MAC

George Rutherford, Ph.D, ('64), Advisor At-Large 

Jean Wilson-Sykes, Stillman College Alumni Affairs



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