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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Stillman College Millennial Alumni Association shall be to promote the College as an institution of community service, tradition, and academic excellence, and to create and maintain an environment that encourages alumni participation through volunteerism and financial support.

SCMAA Vision Statement

The vision for SCMAA is re-ignite pride in our beloved Alma Mater, and to enhance the alumni experience by providing innovative approaches to connecting, recruiting for the College, donating, and re-branding the overall post-graduate experience. By working together we can fulfill our Alma Mater’s mission and motto of providing Tradition, Excellence, and Service to the alumni community.


Our goal is to:

  • build partnerships and provide programming centered on a “Stillman Persona” lifestyle

  • Provide a worldwide network of resources for SCMAA members

  • Provide professional career development and mentorship;

  • Provide a pipeline for prospective student applicants; pipeline for alumni seeking employment and leadership opportunities

  • Increase SCMAA membership and institution donations

  • Standardizing best practices to strengthen the association and its Constituent Units

  • Use technology and 360 marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

  • Engage in sustainable polices institution standards

  • Create better synergies between alumni and the University

  • Developing new analytics and measurements to define, maintain and retain members and to secure third-party donations

  • Cultivate future leadership through better involvement with the undergraduate students

  • Through expanded activity and rebranding reshape the way NAA and the Stillman community as a whole is viewed by alumni and prospective students




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