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The National Alumni Association of Stillman College (NAASC) seeks to engage and mobilize Stillman College Alumni, friends and supporters of the Stillman College by creating an organizational infrastructure to keep this community connected with our Alma Mater and each other.  The strength and resilience of Stillman College is reflective of its faculty, staff, students and alumni base.  The NAASC invites you to join our efforts to increase our local and national memberships, expand our fundraising programs, develop new scholarship initiatives, recruit new students to our great institution, provide service to our communities and to establish an alumni chapter in your area.  Help us revive, rekindle and energize that Ole Blue & Gold Spirit.

Welcome Stillmanites!  

Mrs. Jean Wilson-Sykes

Director, Alumni Affairs

(205) 247-8145 

Mr. Sean R. Toney

National President


Mission Statement

The mission of the NAASC is to advance the goals of Stillman College by connecting its alumni, keeping alumni engaged and informed on matters pertaining to the college, recruiting students on behalf of the college, and raising and donating funds to be financially supportive of the college.  The mission of the NAASC further seeks to enhance the college experience of students and explore mutually beneficial opportunities to foster a prosperous relationship with the Tuscaloosa community.


The vision of the NAASC seeks to inspire and empower alumni to maintain a lifelong connection with Stillman College and the NAASC, provide mentorship and networking opportunities for Stillman College students, and play a vital role in raising the profile of Stillman College throughout the nation and world..


Vice President

Dr. Lawrence T. Potter

Rancho Palos Verdes, California 


Eastern Region Vice President

Barbara Manzie Colvin

Temple Hills, Maryland


Southern Region Vice President

Steven Lockhart

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Western Region Vice President

Rio Jackson

Los Angeles, California



Lt. General Willie Williams, USMC (Ret)

Huntsville, Alabama






Board of Director

Dr. Irene Little

Camden, Alabama


Board of Director

Aundrea E. Thomas

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Board of Director

Corine Williams

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Board of Director

Joseph Dantzler

Tuscaloosa, Alabama



Bessie Jenkins-Hamilton




Greta Bridges 

McCalla, Alabama


Assistant Secretary

Charita Christian

Mobile, Alabama


Financial Secretary

Sheron Witherspoon

Tuscaloosa, Alabama



Priscilla Watson

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Assistant Treasurer

Felicia Tubbs Dunn

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Immediate Past National President

Gregory L. Brown


Past National President

Dr. Bruce Crawford


Past National President

Jean Wilson-Sykes



  • All Regions Reunion -- Planning and coordinating reunion activities

  • Awards & Honors -- Soliciting nominees for all awards

  • Budget & Finance -- Annual budget; Chaired by National Treasurer

  • Fundraising -- Long & short range fundraising intiatives

  • Homecoming -- Developing, scheduling, logistically supporting NAASC sponsored events

  • Membership/ Affinity Group/ Chapter Development 

  • Bylaws -- Processing all propsed amendments to the NAASC bylaws

  • Student Engagement -- Planning and implementing engagment initiatives for current students

  • Courtesy -- Responsible for extending congrats and/or sympathy courtesies when necessary

  • Nominating -- Responsible for soliciting, finalizing, and finalizng election ballots

  • Commnunication/Innovation/Digital Engagement/Marketing 



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National Alumni Association of Stillman College

P. O. Box 20141

Tuscaloosa, AL 35402


College representative:

Jean A. Wilson-Sykes '90

Director, Alumni Affairs

Stillman College

3601 Stillman Blvd.

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

205-349-4240 (Ext. 8145)

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