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Take the pledge & give monthly to Stillman!



This campaign seeks to raise $14,000 for the Stillman Fund by December 31, in honor of

our upcoming 140th Founders Year! Help us commemorate our Stillman experience

and move our Alma Mater FORWARD! 



How can we get to $14,000? It’s easy.

Here’s just one example:

1000 gifts of $14

500 gifts of $28




Please join us in making your gift to The Stillman Fund by the end of this online campaign on December 31, and help us raise important funding for Stillman. Then share this page on Facebook, tag your friends and encourage them to participate!



Why this is important to us:

Stillman is a special place. It opened many doors for us and put us on career and life paths that we might not have otherwise had the opportunity to pursue. It also was the catalyst for countless meaningful and lasting relationships—we’re looking forward to celebrating many of these friendships at our 140th Founders Day in 2016! We are eager to give back and invest in the College that changed our lives.



What we’re doing about it:

About 90% of students on campus receive need-based financial aid—that means nine out every ten students are directly benefitting from our donations to The Stillman Fund. Think financial aid doesn’t make a difference? Imagine how different your Stillman experience would have been if nine of your ten best friends were not able to attend because they just couldn’t afford tuition.


By giving back to Stillman, WE make a real difference in students’ lives.  We are the power behind The Stillman Fund.



What we hope to achieve:

We need:

  • Residence Hall renovations

  • Campus upkeep

  • Current deficit turned to surplus

  • Tuition lowered

  • Scholarships added

  • Athletic/Fine Arts programs funded

  • General operations maintained


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